Empowering Introverts

I am The New Introvert

Magic Word “Introvert” I realized I am difference compare to my colleagues when some of them started to comment I am anti-social. And I don’t talk much most of the time except with a few of them. I prefer to eat lunch by myself or with selected closer colleagues. When in a group, I will listen more than talk, or with very little words. I dislike to go to relative

How To Feedback Effectively In Any Situation

How To Give Feedback Effectively

How To Give Feedback Effectively In Any Situation Hi everyone. This is Bryan K again for One Transformation Away. Today I want to share with you one of the strategies that I personally use to give feedback effectively in any situations. This could be very useful in both my personal and also professional life because in our daily life we always need to give feedback to our friends, to our

How To Be Happy: Happy Is Easy Kindle Book

How To Be Happy

How To Be Happy in Life First of all, I always believe in life it is a cycle of ups and downs. It is perfectly fine when there were times that we feel unhappy due to whatever reasons (downs cycle). But, we have to make sure it is only temporary and we have to get back on our foot and be happy. The good news is since it is a

Mini Trampoline

How Do I Get Myself Exercise Easily

Today I would like to share with you my strategy on how to get myself exercise easily. The key is FOCUS and below are the 3 simple steps to follow. Find a type of exercise that you can enjoy (S1) Find an activity that you like and can do during exercise (S2) Change the meaning and focus of the exercise session (S3) As for me, I will have a 30

Morning Ritual to empower you

Daily Ritual To Start Your Day

Morning Ritual In this post, I would like to share with you my morning ritual. I first learn about morning ritual after attended Unleash The Power Within event by Tony Robbins. During the event, Tony showed us a ritual that he called Priming. After the event, I was interested in a daily ritual and do more research about it. There are many successful people that have some sort of daily

Happy is a State of Mind

Happiness is a State of Mind

I came across this Facebook post by Markchipelago and the story behind it was so touching. He was at BTS Onut station and saw the father and son sitting on the floor waiting for donation by the passerby. Despite their situation and the father with a disability, they look very happy together. This show that Happiness / Happy is a state of mind that we can control over. I love the

Empowered Introverts

Hello Introverts

Empowering Introverts First of all, we would like to say Hello to you, Introvert. I am happy that you have found this website that is going to change your life if you allowed it. Yes, I am Introvert too as defined by the society. Stay put and bookmarked this page, we are in progress of creating somethings interesting and empowering tools for all our lovely introverts family. With Love, EmpoweringIntroverts.com