Today I would like to share my experience with you on my five days live NLP Practitioner workshop certification by Ulysses Wang. Before I enroll in the NLP workshop. I got to know him from some of the Facebook groups related to UPW or the Unleash The Power Within. We both attended UPW in Singapore last year but we never met each other during the event. Then I found out his Facebook group that focused on trainers and coaches. I joined it and I started to know him more. To me he is different. All his sharing is real content with values added. Then he conducted this webinar about the Passion to Profits and my wife signed up for it. It is a group coaching program, and she told me that the program is very good, full of value-added and also extra bonus training that he provided.

Certified NLP Practitioner By Ulysses Wang’s Review

Certified NLP Practitioner Workshop by Ulysses Wang

Then in May 2019, I saw his NLP Practitioner Certification training coming to Kuala Lumpur. At first, I do not have any intention to join since I was already certified as an NLP Practitioner by the Society of NLP. Why go for the same certification right? Not until I received this NLP email from him, and there are few lines in this email, that really caught my attention.

I don’t bother to remember all the technical jargons of NLP… I don’t memorise the history of NLP… and I definitely don’t follow the processes if I see ways to improve on it…

I truly believe that the biggest gain anyone can get from NLP… is through the direct application of the most practical concepts in our life and business…

Ulysses Wang ~ Author, Speaker, International NLP Master Coach & Trainer

This really makes sense to me. I always have this thought on my mind. How do we apply NLP in real-life applications?

NLP model of communication

This is the main reason why I decided to join his training and it was one of the best training I attended. During the five days of training, I got many of my aha moments. Let me share two of it as I know people’s time is precious and I do not want to drag this sharing for too long. So one of the AHA moment is this 134 bits per second of the NLP Model of Communication. This 134 bits per second is all about what we are going to focus on and how can we set our 134 bps what to focus on. So this made me realize that’s why people always say one of the keys to success is the focus.

Milton Model

My other AHA moment is actually this Milton model. This was one of the confusing topics that I had in my previous workshops. I really do not know why does this Milton model is so powerful language patterns until I got it from the Ulysses training, I finally understand why, why politicians, why marketers use Milton Model in their sales copy, why coaches use Meta Model to help the clients? Because it is really, really powerful. This AHA moment made me, me. Oh man, really? I really won’t forget that moment. Okay, so thank you for listening and I fully believe NLP can help me in progressing in my life. Will it help you too? Okay. So if you go to his official website, you can actually see all the previous attendees, what is the NLP is all about, the agenda of the five days awesome training and so on. So talk to your guy again, Bye.

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