What Type Of Questions

Our brain is a very powerful search engine. Whatever things that you ask, he will return back you all the memories. If you could ask some poor quality questions, guess what, he will return you back all the poor memory. For example, if I could ask myself why bad things always happen to me and I click memory search. Guess what is my brain starting to return back all my past experience that something bad happens and what will it make me feel? It made me feel down. Yeah. Why really every time also bad thing happens. So many times. All this memory keeps on coming back.

Another example, sometimes we will ask this question to our partner, friends or ourself what delicious food for dinner tonight? And guess what? All the nice foods, delicious food images all will appear and or let’s go for fried chickens. Let’s go for Curry noodles. All these are not. It’s very delicious obviously, but as you know, the most delicious food tastes good. but might not be healthy.

The key is here is ask Good Quality Question lead to good results. It’s something bad happened. Instead of I asked the poor credit question earlier on, why not ask this? What good meaning can I have from this incident?

I know things happen for a reason. This bad thing happened for a reason. What lesson can I learn? Yes, it’s going to make me better and Stronger. Can you see the difference that a poor-quality question and good quality questions will give us a different result? Different outcomes, different emotions, not another example of dinner just now. So instead we can ask what delicious and healthy food for dinner tonight. So we will come to think back then maybe we can go for this chicken soup or you can go for this delicious salad with maybe chicken breast. No, this is an actually better choice compared to a fried chicken and so on.

So what question do you ask yourself daily? What questions do you ask yourself first thing in the morning after you wake up? What question do you ask yourself at night before you sleep? What question do you ask yourself when you face a challenge, issue problems. What questions do you ask when someone quarrels with you?

This is a very interesting question. When someone comes and start a fight or start a quarrel with me. I can ask, I can ask myself what’s wrong with him? Know that all this not a good thing about the person will come back make the thing worst and it will start quarrel back with him. Instead, I could ask He looked very angry. What happened to him that made him so angry. This maybe will make me feel more sympathy so when I feel sympathy, my reactions towards him will be different. Right. Okay. What question do you ask when you stuck in traffic jams? If you are going to ask why Again traffic jam, every day also traffic jam. Your day will become not so smooth, right. So I can say, ah, traffic jams hmm it’s a very slow drive. Again, again, actually, I have a lot of times to listen to for my audiobooks, I have time to have some deep thoughts of what I’m going to do for today, you know? Okay. What questions do you ask yourself? Hmm?

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