Today I want to share with you the golden nugget actually learns from my five days NLP Practitioner certification training by Ulysses Wang. You might be wondering who is Ulysses Wang right? He is an author, speaker, international master coach and trainer of NLP certified by ABNLP. Which stands for The American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

134 Bits per Second

So today I would like to share with you the first golden nugget is called the NLP model communications. I will focus specifically on this thing called 134 bits per second (bps) and how we can actually utilize 134 bits per second to actually help us move even faster towards our goals. Or in fact, everything that we want to do. So I remember one of the big AHA moment I have during my day one of the training is this 134 bits per second. It made me realize that’s why one of the success factors is actually FOCUS.

We have been hearing people being saying that FOCUS is a KEY to SUCCESS, which I truly believe it. How we can actually set the focus of this 134 bits per second is actually there is a method for it and it’s actually very simple. We are basically talking about these VAKOG sensory systems. V A K O G. So everything that happens around us every second, every minute we call it the external event So this external event, it’s actually capturing through our VAKOG. V stands for Visual, is what you see, A stand for Auditory is what you hear, K stands for Kinesthetic is what you feel, O stand for Olfactory is what you smell and G stand for Gultatory is what you taste. So every second, guess how many bits per second of information we are capturing? It is two million bits per second.

Two million bits per second. So when our VAKOG capturing these two million bits per second of information to our brains, there’s a process actually going on inside our mind. Our Filter System will actually do this deletions, distortion, and generalization.

So the filter will delete most of the information, it distorts the meaning of some of the information, it generalizes the meaning of some of the information and at the end is only left 134 bits per second. So our filters in return will actually affect our internal representations and internal representation will influence our emotions. Emotions such as happy, angry, upset, excited and so on and emotional will affect our physiology, how we use our body posture, our facial expressions, our breathing and so on.

Today’s focus I’m going to share with you is more on this 134 bits per second, how we can achieve influence or how we can set the focus of this 134 bits per second. The solution is very simple. It’s called good quality questions. This is also one of the keys to success.

I give you an example of not good quality questions or just call it poor quality questions. Assuming now I’m facing a problem. My boss comes back from meeting with the customer and call a few of us to the meeting room and start scolding every one due to the issue facing by the customer. If I could ask myself this poor-quality question, well why my boss every time also like to scolding. Why every time the customer has a problem a few of us called to the room and get scolded. If this is the question that I’m asking myself, our brain is like a search engine. Whatever question that you ask, he will return the result. So what kind of result you think that my brain returned back to me. It will be all the memories that in my previous experience that happens that my boss came back and start scolding everyone. My boss came back from meetings, then start to say why everything’s got problems. What are you guys doing and so on? So with these results, I’m getting from my memories, from my brain. What do you think my emotions would be? Motivated or Angry? All right, so are these low emotion state is what we want to prevent. It is not going to put us in a way good empowering state.

So imagine now I am asking myself good quality questions. What good meaning can I have from this incident right now? Every time my boss facing a problem from the customers, he came and looks for us, a few of us or because he knows that we are the people that can actually resolve the problem for him. All right, so another meaning I can have could be, this could be a good opportunity for me to actually prove myself to him, to actually come up with solutions to resolve the problem for him. So by asking good quality questions, I will start thinking of the solutions. I will start thinking, so what good meaning can I have out of these incidents?

Now can you see the difference between a poor-quality question and good quality question and how it affects our 134 bits per second? Let’s come back to our goal. Every morning I will be asking myself some good quality questions.

Example: What can I do today to move closer to my goals? Actually needs to come up with an email sequence for my autoresponder and good quality content to add value to my subscriber so that I can have a happy a loyal subscriber fan base. And together we can achieve, grow and move towards our goals. Can you now see how important it is 134 bits per second and how important to asking ourselves good quality questions? So for now on or tomorrow morning, what quality questions are you going to ask yourself. I hope you like today’s sharing and if you want to get certified as an NLP practitioner like me by ABNLP under Ulysses Wang, you can actually go to his website over here.

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So you actually see his official website on when is his next training schedule. So normally he will conduct this training in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Cambodia, South Africa, Dubai and so on. You can actually visit his website to see his schedule, when is his next training. Another good thing or something that I actually grateful for, not only because he actually shared a lot of things to us, a lot of golden nuggets is also this free NLP training course.

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