“How Every Top Trainer, Coaches, Consultants, And Sales Professionals Can Get More “YES” From Others (… and it’s NOT what you think!)”

RAPPORT Is Just One Part Of The Equation

In communication between people, regardless of it is a sales presentation, coaching session, training, negotiation, and even talking to your superior, without this One Thing before the communication started, the objective of the communication will not be achieved entirely. I know you know that it is the RAPPORT and how important it is to determine the outcome of the presentation. Rapport is just 1 part of the equation and the other part of it is FAST. How to build rapport FAST is what I have learned from this online course.

Once rapport builds, it will make communication become easier. Before I continue, allow me to ask you one big Question.

Do you know what is the outcome that you want to achieve before the communication starts?

Without knowing the outcome in the first place, then will you an effective Call-To-Action?

Do you agree that in all types of communication, the final outcome of it is to have the person do take some sort of action?

In a coaching session, at the end of the session, what do you want your coachee to do?

In a sales pitch, at the end of the session, what do you want your customers to do?

In an employee meeting, at the end of the session, what do you want your participants to do?

WHAT IF there is a strategy that can increase the chances of your participation to take ACTION to what your desired outcome is?

Language Patterns

Successful marketers, coaches, trainers, salespeople, and professionals are using language patterns in the sales copy, sales pitch, and communication. I have learned two of the most powerful language patterns from this lesson. It is the Milton Model and Meta Model. Milton Model language patterns were developed by Dr. Milton Erickson, a famous hypnotherapist to induce trance. And you can use the Meta Model to understand other people’s intent by asking powerful questions.

NLP Mind Mastery Method is about how you can influence others in every situation, without them even knowing it!

NLP Mind Mastery Method

What Drive People To Take Action

I have learned this P&P formula in 3 different LIVE workshops/conferences that I paid thousands of dollars to attend. Basically human take action because of the P&P. And wow in NLP Mind Mastery, it is a good refresh for me and give more ideas on how to influence people to take action for the betterment of themselves.

The Powerful Of Story Telling

Do you know why successful presentation, sales pitch, sales copy and communication start with Story Telling? Do you notice it? Yes, people like to listen to story and storytelling is a very effective way to talk to people’s subconscious. I recalled back those presentations, sales copy that hooked me, or at the end, I bought something from them, all of it started with Story Telling. This is something that I am practicing now because I believe it can give me an extra edge in my career. How about you?

One Of My Favourite Lesson

One of my favorite lessons in the NLP Mind Mastery Method that I never expect, it is the 4-Step Ultimate Presentation Formula. Now I can structure my presentation more effectively. It is just one of the 4 extra bonuses given by Ulysses. Thank you and I love it.

My photo taken with Ulysses Wang during my NLP Practitioner Certification

What If You Have The Ability To Get More “YES” From Others?

Let Me Sweeten It Further

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