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I am a strong believer that if we are in a beautiful state, we can move forward to a better and happier life. 

The real question is How did I stay in a beautiful state like Happy?

And I did it with the strategies that I learned from my NLP practitioner and my personal life lessons.

I still remembered during my midlife crisis after working so hard for decades, I got lost of direction in life with not fulfilling my job and life was so unhappy, bored and hopeless at times. With the boring 5 days work week while waiting for Friday to come. Even a weekend can be so bored and then Monday comes again. That kind of routine or cycle, make me feel helplessness or worthlessness. I told myself, there must be a real purpose why I am here as human beings. From then I have been searching for it, I attended an NLP workshop in Singapore and during that time, it makes me realized my rules of happiness is so difficult as it entirely based on external factors. Can you control things that happen externally? I couldn't and  I believe none of us can. I also got to learn about how to control our emotional state from the NLP workshop and Unleased the Power Within, I got to learn very useful strategies to change my emotional state in a heartbeat. Isn't it sound awesome?

As I go on with my life, of course, no one can stay happy in 24 hours non-stop right. We are humans with emotions and we will definitely experience some events that make us in an ugly emotional state. But the good news is, now I know how to manage it and I have the power to change it in a heartbeat. And I wanted you to learn and apply it too for yourself. And this is my WHY in life: To help people moving forward so that they can have a better and happier life.

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Free Infographic: Happy Is Easy
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