Introverts are people who are more reserved, and quiet, do not look for social engagement or in favor of big gatherings or events. They have totally opposite personal traits of extroverts. Extrovert loves to mingle and yearn for a companion. They enjoy being among a big group of people and loves to interact with almost everyone and loves attention. Things like this will tire the introvert out. It exhausts the mind to bits and will send them straight to an introvert hangover. Let‘s look at more personality traits of an introvert in general. It may not apply to all introverts and not all traits will apply to an introvert.

Introvert Personality

Introverts are beautiful inside out and why do I think so. They can spend time with themselves, being with themselves, and loving every minute of it. They are comfortable being alone, having themselves as a companion, and be just them. The quiet world revolves beautifully around them. They do not think they are pathetic or lonely by just being themselves. They do perfectly fine alone. They can dine out alone, go shopping alone, or even watch a movie alone! More often than not, when I eat out alone, most people will give me a pathetic look as if I am very sad. There is always this strong urge to tell them I am totally fine! Of course, I didn’t. We are perfectly okay and enjoying ourselves a lot.

Introverts create works efficiently when they are alone. They love to work alone. They work best by themselves. They work at their utmost optimum level being alone. They love to work independently. Human noises mostly interrupt them than helping them. They feel that it is easier to work by themselves and able to get more things done this way.

Many times, creative ideas, solution, and plan arise when they are in a quiet environment. They do deep critical thinking and complete work. As a matter of fact, there are many great leaders who are introverts.    

Introverts are not shy. They are often being misjudged as lazy or anti-social. They prefer to be quiet and alone but they are not anywhere near to shyness. Shyness is timid and nervous in the presence of people. Most will speak to you and are friendly when you approach them. Give it a try! They speak passionately and deeply on topics that touch their heart. They speak lovingly and as caringly. They will open up slowly and gradually, surprise you!

Introverts don’t like social attention. They are able to join a group of people but prefer a smaller group. When they are among a big group of people, their energy level will be drained quickly and easily. They feel very tired and extremely uncomfortable. They will try very hard to hang in the situation and wish to end the meeting or gathering soonest possible. They hope to take a break from the crowd and will badly need an introvert hangover. Being in a crowded situation is something they like to avoid.

Introverts seek friendship deeply and meaningfully. Though they prefer to have a smaller group of friends, they take friendship seriously. They enjoy a small group of friends better. They are great friends to be with. They listen more and speak lesser. They usually talk lesser in a small group of friends. When they feel much closer in a friendship, they do speak up and converse well. But overall, they tend to speak lesser in a group of friends.

Introverts are great listeners. They are more reserved and hence, they tend to talk less. They also tend to observe from the sidelines in conversations. When they listen, they take mental notes. Taking mental notes helps them to construct sentences and wordings well before they speak. Taking notes and preparing their speech also make them feel more comfortable before entering social scenes. They will feel more at ease that way. So when they are all quiet, their mind is actually busy working.

Introverts are independent and self-sufficient people. They prefer not to rely on others. They prefer to get things done themselves. They feel good doing things with their own selves. They feel more accomplished that way. Mostly they do not prefer to trouble others. This is quite true for my case. I would rather complete a task myself than to approach for help!

Introverts are a bunch of observant people. They usually are more aware of the people of the surrounding and because of that, they are thoughtful and are more sensitive towards people’s needs. When a conversation is going on, they are usually quiet and observe more. Hence they are aware of many more details and knowing someone deeper.

Introverts are trustworthy. They can keep secrets very well and can be entrusted to do so. They understand the complication of human beings and how difficult it can be to trust someone. Hence they treasure great relationships and keep their words about things that you do not want to share. They hold the secrets tightly and safely and making sure you know and tell you they will keep their words.

Introverts are disciplined and goals are driven. They do not need external attention for approval. So they usually work towards their goals and channel all their energy to it. You will find them highly focus on their work and not aware of what is going on around them when they work. They put all their minds to it and it seems effortless. This valuable trait is displayed in many highly successful introverts.

Introverts are drawn to a job that requires independence. Jobs that require a lot of social interaction seems less appealing to them. On the other hand, jobs that require self-working a lot are preferred. For examples a computer programmer, writer, songwriter, singer, etc.

I hope you find some of the traits that you can relate to. Some of you introverts may find all the traits above are who they are! Share with us in the comment which traits you can relate to!

Keep on loving yourselves introverts. You are an awesome bunch.

Bryan K