Introvert or extrovert is a common label these days where we heard of or read in many articles or books. In the past, it is quite unknown, we just know of the shy or the talkative ones. The shy ones are also thought to be the anti-social one and being look at as unsuccessful. But, Introverts and Shyness are totally different things. And many Introverts are successful in their own area which you will get to know some below.

I for one is a very quiet person and talking to a big crowd of people makes me very tired at the end. It often zaps my energy away and I will lock myself in the room after that, away from people even my closed one. I would not feel good. And the feeling to recharge is strongly needed. I always wonder how someone is able to talk so much to so many different people, feeling so good and attracting huge attention. Someone seems to look so successful. Is it abnormal being quiet?

And now with the new label, ‘Introvert’ emerged, I began to understand and relate to the characteristic of one. True enough, I am not as shy as what usually people label us Introvert as one. I can talk and engage in a conversation too. Though I prefer to communicate via text, I can also do phone calls if I have to. So I feel it is perfectly normal. It is a matter of preference, a way of living, to be true to yourself and contribute in your own way. As a matter of fact, there are some well-known Introvert Leaders. And let’s strike to become the NEW INTROVERT!

Famous Introvert Leaders

Warren Buffet, a well-known introvert figure in the investment industry. He has also a quiet persona but full of ideas in business running. Being a lack of interpersonal skills, he signed up for the Dale Carnegie “How to Win Friends and Influence People” learned to become an ‘Ambivert’ so that he is able to communicate better and sell his business idea. It shows that being an Introvert, you can also improve your interpersonal skills if it hinders your work from progressing. The label doesn’t’ stick on you permanently. It is up to you to overcome it and step out of it when it is needed.

Albert Einstein, the well-known scientist, is an introvert himself. Being a prominent figure, his introvert existence gives introverts alike a boost. I feel that being quiet and working, brings you to the realm of the unknown world, the other side and this is where unique profound creativity lies. So feel free to go into silence working and there is absolutely nothing wrong with liking to work in silence.

Who doesn’t like Award Winner Meryl Streep! I am a huge fan and knowing her as an introvert as well surprised me. I figure it must be really hard to act in front of a screen. Nevertheless, she does such a great job, her acting skill is admirable. One has to push through the introvert’s fear to get to act as another character. In this case, fear has put to great use, one important skill I learned from her.

J. K. Rowling, one of the very popular authors, is an introvert. Perhaps it isn’t any surprise a writer being an introvert. After all, it is an individual job that doesn’t require much interaction. She is one good creative example that I mentioned above where working in solitude churns creativity. That showed in the choice of names she picked in the Harry Potter series like Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff, in my opinion. Enjoy and embrace the solitude and bring the creativity on, fellow introvert!

Elon Musk, a search on the internet shows the many posts hold by him. Amazingly engineer, industrial designer, and technology entrepreneur. Voila, an Introvert is nothing short. Being an introvert is just as fine and can be successful in holding many roles. I just love knowing the assurance he gave to introverts out there.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is a self-proclaimed introvert! He quoted, “I think introverts can do quite well”. There you go! He hired extroverts to tap into their skills, therefore creating a balance to his work style. That gave us an idea of how to extract the skill set that extroverts possess. He proved that one doesn’t need to be an extrovert to be successful.

Abraham Lincoln, the 16th US president, despite being an introvert, who is quiet, love solitude, displays great characteristic like analytical, objective and logical. Many agree that he was a great leader because he has the capability to “show the importance of great resilience, forbearance, and emotional intelligence. I am in awe of the highest quality of personalities an introvert is able to display. Having said that, it is really not true that introvert cannot be a great leader and work with others.

Susan Cain speaks so well for the introvert. Her voice echo in most if not all introverts. Her description in her book ‘Quiet ‘ calms the mind and soul of an Introvert. Many think introverts are not expressive. Look at how Susan Cain expresses herself in meaningful and powerful writings of hers. Watch how she talks about it at Ted Talks, engaging in this subject deeply, engagingly and passionately. Introversion doesn’t mean one can t express or talk meaningfully. She has shown the way. ‘Spend your free time the way you like, not the way you think you ‘re supposed to be’ is one of my favorites quotes of hers. Be yourself. Let Introverts be themselves, which is their best they can be and so they can also contribute their best to the world.

It is such an eye-opener for me to know and learn from so many diversity of Introverts. Little did I know, introverts work in all kinds of professions, contribute purposefully and successfully to society. We need to just be ourselves and accept ourselves wholeheartedly. Society needs to embrace introverts as who they are and not thinking they are being anti-social or having problems existing in this world. Embracing and acceptance of each other is the way to go.