The Introvert is commonly heard of these days. It is a description for people who are quieter, reserved, and doesn’t draw energy or attention from a big group of people. They are not shy about what most people commonly thought of or even being described by the English dictionary as one! They are often misunderstood for being anti-social or socially misfit from their quiet natural traits. They are being cast off at times for their introversion and being excluded from activities on purpose. It would be way more peaceful if we can be less judgmental and practice more inclusion and acceptance, therefore working hand in hand.

Career That Introvert Can Excel

So you wonder what sort of jobs or career introvert will land on. Are there even any jobs or careers that are available for them? Will they be able to survive in this world that inclines towards extraversion?

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of successful, well-known introverts around. Lets us discuss it more.

Book Author

I am sure many of you know the Harry Potter series written by JK Rowling. The seventh and last book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has broken all publishing records in the US! 8.3 million copies are sold in the first 24 hours. The author herself is an introvert. JK Rowling often comments that she is alone when she first started Harry Potter! Being an author needs very little explanation for a suitable career choice for introverts. It can be done in a quiet place by oneself. It needs very little interaction or none at all. Introvert strives in an environment like that. In quietness, it brings out great creativity and imagination; only the person would know.

Programmer / Software Developer

The world’s largest computer software company, Bill Gates, computer programmer, and entrepreneur who co-founded Microsoft Corporation is also a self-professed introvert.

Computer programming is a task that can be done most of the time individually. It requires very little interaction. It mainly solves problems by creating lines using a computer language on screen. That suits an introvert character. It is similar to writer/author as a career, that does not need much explanation in why it. It is an attractive profession for introverts. It is a self-independent task where the programmer work based on the user definition, which mainly will be gathered by the user support colleagues. Introverts will create a solution based on user requirements.

Entreprenuer / Business Leader

More often than not, ideas of solution appear in the deep silence moments.
With this keen ability to spend time alone in the quietness that requires a high focus skilled, introverts display, he tends to be great leaders of companies and therefore becoming successful entrepreneurs. They can spend a considerable amount of time alone and from there, focusing on problems solving deeply without disruptions or interruptions.
Bill Gates shows that you don’t have to be an extrovert to be a successful entrepreneur! Introverts leaders are more likely to listen to their followers and make them feel important.

Actor / Actress

Actor or actress is another career for introverts. The well known Emma Watson is the leading female character of Harry Potter, mentioned that she is an introvert by nature. I feel that being an actor or actress enables one to contain oneself in another character played in the plot. The feeling is so very quiet and peaceful while being overshadowed by the acting character. It is like a secret hiding place where no one will find you and in the most profound solitude, where introverts achieved the optimum comfort. What a great feeling! Hence, an acting job is one very suitable job for introversion.


The next job that came to mind is being an artist. Artist works alone independently, mostly. In the silence surrounding, the feeling is so serene and entering the right alpha brain, becoming a breeze and so comfortable. The right brain is where the best creativity lies. It brings out the best unique images, and that’s how artists paint unique pieces we have seen and admire. This kind of ambiance suits introverts. It is the best place to be, the place that introverts thrive on, the place that introverts are longing for, and merely the place where introverts can be themselves wholeheartedly.

Song Writer / Singer

Malaysia local singer-songwriter Amrita Soon came to mind as I continue typing. She wrote more than hundreds of meaningful original pieces in the quietness of her bedroom. Amrita is a very quiet person but highly creative. Lines after lines of lyrics inspired by all sorts of people and stories filled in her songs. She is highly productive during solitude time. Her song ‘Familiar Strangers’ hits the top ten chart of Hits FM English songs. Do check out her soothing sweet voice on Spotify and YouTube channels.

There is also another American singer-songwriter Sia who is a famous chart-topper, declared herself an Introvert. She doesn’t do late-night show gigs, radio show performance, or interviews as she dislikes publicity. Despite that, it doesn’t hinder her, an introvert of being a successful singer-songwriter. Her songs are highly popular. ‘Chandelier ‘ break the chart and hit into the top ten of billboards 100. That sounds so awesome, right! Sia has portrayed how an introvert can be successful in being her true comfortable, quiet self. No words can fully describe this beautiful experiment.

Many More Other Jobs

There are still many more jobs or careers that are available for introverts. A quick search on the internet, you will find many more other famous introverts jobs which you know and surprised to find out many of them are introverts.

Examples are Warren Buffet, one of the richest person in the world who is a leader in the finance industry, Albert Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton, the well-known scientist, Eleanor Roosevelt, the shy first lady who is United Nations delegate, human right activist, a teacher, and a lecturer.

Introverts can lead a successful life in an extroverts inclined world. Be inspired, be yourself, and brace the working world as one proud Introvert!