An introvert hangover is a new term for me. Hangover itself means a symptom where someone has too much alcohol intake. During the hangover, the drunkard’s mind is often in his or her own world. On the other hand, an introvert oftentimes needs to take a break from people and the noisy world and retreat into a world of their own. Well that said, it is called an Introvert Hangover!

An introvert is the opposite of an extrovert. Introverts are usually enjoying and thrive on being alone. They don’t seek social engagement or attention. As a matter of fact, social engagement tired them out and drained their energy.

Introvert Hangover Symptoms

Being an introvert, I always recognize a strong urge of wanting to be away from human beings after being out for a certain amount of time. The amount of time threshold differs for each introvert individual.

  • For me, it will be about 2 to 3 hours. With that amount of time, I will begin to experience mental tiredness and feeling very discomfort.
  • When the amount of time with people reaches above 4 hours, my mind will be so extremely exhausted and my energy is all drained.
  • I will start to feel very unsettle and I will try to hold myself together really hard and hope that whatever I am in, will end immediately. I also wish there is some sort of magic where all these people can just pause there and then.
  • At times, I would even feel that my physical body trembled badly. Worse still, there are some occasions where I can’t just walk away. Then I believe my look will give way and someone may be able to see the changes in me. Oftentimes, I will try to get a short introvert hangover in the toilet! This shows how desperate I am to getaway.

How To Cure Introvert Hangover

This is the timeout sign for an introvert. The introvert will need to enter the stage which is called the introvert hangover.

  • I will very much wish to move away to a quiet space, like a corner in a café with a cup of flat white or even returning to the comfort of my home or escape to nature, like the fountain of water which located in some buildings brings so much calmness.
  • When I get to move away, I breathe a deep sigh of relief! It is as if a heavy boulder is lifted off my shoulder. The time out is like a treasure that money can’t buy.
  • I will stay at this quiet place for sometimes until I feel okay to come out again. It is perfectly normal for introverts to retreat into their quiet comfortable space. At this space, I will quiet down and sort of drain out all the noises that I have absorbed. When this is happening, images after images are appearing and reappearing in my mind like a movie and voices of what people have said plays again and again like a broken record. The process of draining the noises out can be so overwhelming and dramatic! Eventually, the mind will come to all quietness again. A sense of calmness seeps in. And I will feel so much better, rejoice, and recharged.
  • At times, during this calm and serene ambiance, great ideas, or a new plan or good solution pops out suddenly from the back of my mind. I will be surprised by them. And I wonder how does the mind bring out with the ideas, plan or solution. It is so amazing. This shows that introverts can get things done when they are in the introvert hangover. Sometimes, this special moment is also where creativity surfaces. The new creative idea comes to mind. I believe one of the reasons is because introverts are at their optimum comfort and calmness during an introvert hangover. It is like a retreat, special and unique to an introvert. Creative minds work best during calmness and in a relaxed environment.

When I have recovered, I will leave the introvert hangover space and ready to face the world of people. The duration of the recovery period differs for each introvert individual. And also depending on the degree of the exhaustion that introverts have. I have times where even a whole day of being in the introvert hangover does not suffice! The moment of recovery is uplifting and another breath of relief. I feel like I have left the world behind long enough and ready to face it again. The happiest thing is I emerge with new ideas or solutions for work and able to move forward efficiently.

There are also unfavorable times where I have to step out of the hangover for some reason even though when I am not ready to do so yet. With this unpleasant situation, I will be feeling upset and cranky. I will need to try very hard to control my emotion and brave the world again. Sometimes I succeed in doing so but move on in great exhaustion. But oftentimes, I failed. I move on with resentment and make more silly mistakes than ever.

Therefore, an introvert hangover is highly important for introverts. It is something that you need to look into and not to be taken lightly with. It requires high attention for the betterment of the introvert himself or herself and also for the people around him or her. An introvert hangover is not something bad. It is also cannot be equated with anti-social or it is with a social misfit. It is a natural state of how introverts operate. Introverts need a full understanding of support and not teasing or belittle them for being unfriendly and shy. It is an introverts’ way of taking a time out and it is also a way for them to go into their realm to find a solution to their problem. Being judgemental will only create division whereas understanding will bring togetherness and peace.

Introvert Hangover vs Depression

Introvert hangover is also different from depression. Depression is a medical illness that not only affects the way you think and act, it also affects how you feel. In introvert hangover, introverts take a break from mental tiredness and emerge again. They are not hiding but recuperating. Let’s continue to support and provide understanding for them to fully blossom as great human beings.

Can you relate to what been said above? I am very much can relate to it.

Bryan K