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Hi Everyone! This is Bryan K again from One Transformation Away. Today I would like to share with you one of my personal strategies on How to Stop Overthinking to Feel Happier and I am guilty of overthinking things. And guess what? Most of our time, what I overthink is not the case. So to me, why I need to actually overthink, right? Make everything’s more complicated. In the NLP context, overthinking is call Mind Read.

One of the main culprit of unhappiness is overthinking.

Bryan K, author of “Happy Is Easy”

Secret To Stop Overthinking

So the secret to stopping overthinking is this presupposition in NLP. So in nutshell or in layman terms, presupposing meaning is to extract the facts only from the sentences.

I give an example: My boyfriend doesn’t understand me.

If you are going to extract the fact from the sentence, basically it means:
– She has a boyfriend.
– There is a miscommunication between them.

If we are going to overthinking or we could mind read:
– Her boyfriend does listen to her.
– He sees another girl.

Why do we call it Mind Read, because how do we know that the boyfriend has another girl? How do we know that the boyfriend does not listen to her? This is what we overthink, this is what we assume, and most of the time what we assume or overthinking is always not the case. So to make our life easier, simple, we just need to extract the facts. That’s all. Then we just stop there. So the overthinking will be stopped.

Let me give it another example: My colleague did not wish me a good morning today.

Fact extraction:
– I have a colleague
– He did not wish me Good morning.

That’s all right. That’s all. There is no other meaning.

If I’m going to overthink it:
– I will start to think maybe he doesn’t like me.
– Maybe because I’m an introvert, I don’t talk much.

So all these overthinking was starting to make me feel not happy, right? So that’s why I wish these facts extraction strategy. I will just stop.

Okay, he is my colleague. Okay, he did not wish me a good morning. That’s all. That’s his choice, right? By the way, I hope my sharing will help you to stay happier, let’s start practices, take action.

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