Today’s topic is about how to Increase Conversion Rate with NLP.

So I am going to disclose what successful marketers do in their online sales copy or even offline sales copy in my opinion. Let’s begin.

NLP Language Patterns

Why Most successful marketers use language patterns in their sales copy. I give you this example is a conversation between a salesperson and his customers.
Salesperson: This product is going to benefit you and you should get one for yourself. I think your family will like it too.
Customer: Have been thinking to herself. Hmm? How does he know that my family will like it? How did he know that it’s gonna benefit me?

Another example, also a conversation between a salesperson and his customers.
Salesperson: One of my customers just dropped me a message. Her kids love the product so much. And as a mum, she feels happy to see the joy of the kids.
Customer: Hmm, when she listening to the stories she been thinking, Hmm, maybe my kids are going to have fun with it.

So this salesperson, what he does differently is he’s telling a story and let the customer fill in the blank themselves.

The Best Answer is Always the Answer That The Person Come Out With

Bryan K

The most successful marketer is will actually sell by not selling. Basically in a sales copy, when the customers going through the sales copy, the product was sold by itself. So how do they do it? It’s all about the NLP Milton Model language pattern. The main objective of this Milton Model is to influence people at the unconscious level to help the client find their own answer instead of telling them the answer. Of course, we use this Milton Model language patterns with good intentions to help the clients. And we believe the product we are promoting, we are marketing is going to add value to their life.

There are many language patterns like Mind Read, Modal Operator, Lost Performative, Presuppositions, Pace Current Experience, Cause & Effect, Double Bind, and many more. I am not going to bore you with all the NLP jargon.

NLP Double Bind

Let me give you use a real-life example. One of the most common language pattern that the salesperson use nowadays is the Double Bind. So basically the Double Bind is like giving you options but both options will lead to the same outcome of what the salesperson or the marketers want. Is this sound familiar to you?

Some examples below:

  • Is it this coming Friday at 2:00 PM or 4:00 PM better for you?
  • To sign up, go to the back counter now and you can pay either with one-time payment or 12 months interest fee.

Does this sound familiar to you? This is the double bind. With the first example, is it coming Friday 2 pm or 4 pm better for you? It is like giving the person options for 2 pm or 4 pm but isn’t it both also lead to the same outcome to have an appointment with the customer.

The second example, to sign up, go to the counter, back counter and you can pay either with a one-time payment or 12 months interest-free. Isn’t it also lead to the same outcome that the person wants you to just sign up for the course or any services today they’re actually promoting.

So in layman term basically Double Bind is an illusion of choice that leads to the same outcomes.

Expert Secrets Free Book by Russell Brunson

Let me get an example of this awesome sales copy of this Expert Secret free book by Russell Brunson. One of the sections of these sales copies. You will see these few sentences below.

“As you can see Expert Secrets has already helped countless people around the world. The question is, are you next”.

In these three sentences, the first sentence that is Mind Read and Model Operator language patterns. The second sentence is the Cause & Effect and Unspecified Verb language patterns. In the last sentence, there is the Tag Question.

So basically what is Mind Read? Mind Read is actually like claiming you know what someone is thinking. Modal Operator is words that implied possibility or necessity. Cause & Effect is simply the one thing causes another. Unspecified Verb is an action taking place without describing the how and what of the actions. Tag Question is basically a question added at the end of a sentence designed to soften the resistance. All these language patterns are actually with the same objective is to actually soften the resistance of the listener so that it’s easy to pass the message over.

If you want to see the whole sales copy of this Expert Secrets book, you can actually go here. This sales copy by Russell Brunson, he is actually promoting a free book, a free physical book. I actually got one for myself. It is an awesome book if you’re looking to create info products, start your Expert business and so on. And this book is free, I just pay for the shipping and handling only.

This is my copy of Expert Secrets. You can get one for yourself here.

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