WHAT IF You Can Handle Objections in Sales, what will it give you?

Bryan K

Let me share with you the first scenario. This a conversation between the customer and the salesperson.
Customer: We need a big company to hand out our project so we can get better support and I am sorry as your company is still new.
Salespeople: Mr. Customer, even we are new, but we can still provide you good support.

What do you think about this reply? Do you think customer resistance will be higher or lower?

With Agreement Framework, this could be a better reply.
Salesperson: I respect your view that you prefer a big company to handle your project and as we were a young and small company. That’s why you are going to be our biggest customer. We can then focus entirely on you to give you the best support you deserve.

What do you think now? Do you think the customer resistance would be lower? So what is Agreement Framework? The objective of the framework is basically to avoid or reduce resistance. That’s why we will start with, either I agree, I respect or I appreciate and please, please don’t use I disagree, please don’t use BUT or please don’t use, HOWEVER.

Imagine if I answer in this way:

I understand that you want a big company to handle your project BUT… This BUT will make it sound like you disagree with this statement, right? So in this agreement framework, basically we will start with either I agree, I respect or I appreciate followed by the customer view. Then use the term AND follow by your desired outcome and end with the customer desired outcome.

In our previous scenario. Okay, we’ll start with I respect [what is the customer view] your opinion on you prefer a big company to handle your project. What is the salesperson [desired outcome] is to get them as a customer. What is the customer [desired outcome] is to get good support.

Let me give you a final scenario two.
Customer: I am very busy right now. You just email me the information first and I will call you back.
Salespeople: Mr. Customer, I know you’re are busy BUT I just need 30 minutes of your time to explain.

Better response with the agreement framework.
Salesperson: I appreciate your suggestion as you are busy with your daily responsibility and this is a reason why I want to meet up with you to summarize the information to you in just the 30 minutes, you’re going to get the information, you needed in the shortest time possible.

What do you think? Which one is a better reply?

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