How To Feedback Effectively In Any Situation
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How To Give Feedback Effectively

How To Give Feedback Effectively In Any Situation

Hi everyone. This is Bryan K again for One Transformation Away. Today I want to share with you one of the strategies that I personally use to give feedback effectively in any situations. This could be very useful in both my personal and also professional life because in our daily life we always need to give feedback to our friends, to our colleagues or even our customers. So the strategy that I’m using, it actually makes the other party more easy to accept. Okay, let’s begins. So let me show you the first scenario is a conversation between these two guys. So the boss feedback actually to the employee. Your presentation to the customer just now is bad. You should not tell the customer all the product features, they are not buying the feature but the benefit of using our products. What will the employee feels, sorry boss, I will do better next time.

So what is the better way to actually give feedback? The boss: There are a few things you’ve done well in your presentation just now. You maintained good eye contact, good body language and your tonality are good and one area that you can do better is to present the benefit of using our product instead of just the features. So the employee: thank you, boss, for your feedback. I will do even better next time. What do you think about the second way of giving feedback compared to the first one? To me, the first one definitely going to demotivate the employee and the second one is going to motivate the employee even further. So how does this feedback framework work? Basically, the objective of this feedback framework is to avoid resistance or demotivating the listener. So we will first start with something positive something that they have done well in the thing that they have been done, followed by what can be improved.

Feedback Framework

So a very simple framework, start with something positive, something they have done good followed by things to improve. So in our previous scenario, we start with something positive. There are a few things you do well in your presentation just now. You maintained good eye contact, your body language is good, your tonality is good, followed by something that he can improve and one area that you can do even better is to present the benefits of the product instead of just the features.

So what do you guy think and what if you are a Certified Practitioner of NLP just like me? What do you want to improve your life? Both personal and professional? Thank you for listening and talk to you again.

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Bryan K started working at 17 and has worked his way up to a professional career in IT. He has dabbled in various careers including being a waiter, real estate agent, insurance agent and more recently as an IT Professional. He has amassed a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge during his participation in the Pattern of Excellence program, among them are the Swinging Log, Steel Rod and Leap of Faith. He also recently participated in walking on hot coals during the Unleashed the Power Within program by Tony Robbins. His WHY in life is to help people progress in their life so they can have a better and happier life. Bryan is also the admin & moderator of one of the biggest Facebook Introvert Group called Introvert Diaries with more than 150,000 members. He is also a Certified NLP Practitioner by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™. Book authored by Bryan K: Happy Is Easy

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