Today I would like to share with you a strategy on how to get unstuck in whatever situations. Basically when we stuck is because it’s too much cloud in our mind. So is actually cloud our judgments, we cannot see the clarity. So by using the NLP Meta Model, it will help us to see the clarity by removing the cloud that blocking our view.

Common Characteristics of Stuck

When we stuck, this is a common thing that you actually say or common things that we will actually experience.

  • I try all the solutions and it didn’t work.
  • I’m not suitable to become an entrepreneur.
  • He doesn’t like me. I can’t be a good coach.
  • My family doesn’t support me in everything I do.
  • I don’t have the skill to be a successful online entrepreneur.

These are some of the examples for you to visualize what is the common things that when someone gets stuck, so by using the NLP Meta Model basically is to remove any assumptions and to get accurate information of ourselves or another person to understand other people intent, to get clarity. They are a lot of patterns under the NLP Meta Model, Mind Read, Modal Operator, Lost Performative, Cause & Effect, Presupposition, Complex Equivalence and so on.

Get Unstuck with NLP Meta Model

Put aside all the NLP jargon, basically, in Meta Model, we will try to recover back the details because when we stuck basically is something very high level, very summary is like in this case. I have tried all the solutions and it did not work and I’m not suitable to become an entrepreneur, this very high level very cloudy. So NLP Meta Model basically is for us to actually re recall back or find back the loss information that our mind has generalized, delete or distort it.

So we can ask a series of quality questions to extract back the information. Like this case, I can ask myself or if I am actually coaching another person, I will ask: “All the solutions?” When a person says, I try all the solutions, what do we mean by all the solutions? The 1000 solutions, the few thousand solutions. So we will ask “All the solutions?”. So by striking this question the person or ourselves will start to think, Yeah, I only try one solution. In fact, perhaps there are other solutions that will work.

I give you another example. He doesn’t like me. So we will ask. “How do you know that?” Then the person will start to think, Yeah, how do I know? Maybe I’m oversensitive.

I can’t be a good coach. “What is preventing you?” Then the person or I will start to think, Yeah Why I can’t be a good coach. I have many times managed to coach people with very successful outcomes. Only this particular coaching session. No. We will start to recall back the information that we delete, distort or generalize.

My family doesn’t support me in everything I do. So we’ve got to ask “Who is your family doesn’t support you?” So my family basically seems like everyone in the family, you know. But in actual fact maybe there’s only one person. So the person or I will start to think only me, my sister, no, my mom’s, my brothers. They support you. They support me or I can also ask, can you think of exceptions. Oh, yeah, even my sister did support me a few times before.

Secret to Success is the Type of Quality Questions
The Secret To Success is to ask Quality Questions Daily

By asking all these quality questions to recover back the information, recover back the details. It definitely helped us to unstuck or help the other person to unstuck and moving forward.

I don’t have the skill to be a successful online entrepreneur. “What is the skill that you need?” I believe you should actually get the meaning of all these quality questions. What if you are a certified petitioner of NLP just like me? What do you want to improve your life? Both personal and professional life? I hope this sharing does help you to unstuck any situation or to help someone unstuck any situation so we can actually move forward in our life.

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