Hi everyone. This is Bryan K from One Transformation Away. Today I want to share with you one of the very, very powerful strategies on how to get confidence in yourself at any time.

How To Get Confidence Strategy with Anchoring

So this strategy requires anchoring wherein any time a person in an associated intense state, if at the peak of this experience a specific stimulus is applied, then these two, the stimulus and the state were linked neurologically. So when you recall back this anchoring, these specific stimulates that you did, this state will actually come back. So in our context, we are talking in terms of confidence. So when you are in a very confident state or emotions and the intensity reached a very max and you apply a unique stimulus for about five to 15 seconds and you repeat these for few times, at least three times until this unique stimulus linking it to this confidence state. What is actually a stimulus? We talk in terms of Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Olfactory and Gustatory. But we will focus on the first three which are the most common ones. Visual is what we see, Auditory is what we hear and Kinaesthetic is what we feel.

When we reach this confidence state, let’s say maybe you just win again so you are full of confidence. When you are in a peak confidence state you apply a unique stimulus meaning that it could be you are picturing something, visualizing something, perhaps maybe a thing or perhaps maybe which you are picturing yourself in a confident state at the same time you could be having some auditory. Let’s say “I can do it”, it can be anything. Kinesthetics, it can be any gesture.

Example of My Anchoring for Confidence State

So when I reached my best peak confidence state, I actually picturing myself in this state and I say “I can do it”. Reach the peak state, “I can do it”. Reach the peak state “I can do it”. Once you did it a few times, this is actually anchoring to this confidence state. To make this a successful anchoring, you need to be a very high-intensity state, meaning very confidence, reach to the top. Then you apply the stimulus. A lot of successful people, people like even Tony Robbins, have a certain type of anchorings and they will fire the anchorings before they actually go on stage.

The 3 Ways For Effective Anchoring

The best state will be the naturally occurring state mainly to stay when you are really in this confidence state perhaps when you win again perhaps when you successful did some things you are in this very confident state, you do the anchoring or the unique stimulus.

The second best will be past experience. You can still visualize the past experience that you are in totally very confidence when you reach high intensity you apply your unique stimulus or we called it anchoring.

The third way is only when if you reach, really reach this point that you never have any confidence before or you never have any past experience before then construct ones. Visualize someone that is in a very confident state, how do they look like? How do they feel? Visualize that, and when you reach the very state then you apply your unique stimulus. So there are four simple steps to create this unique stimulus or anchor. First will be either you are experiencing it on the spot very confidence or you recall past experience when you feel totally confident, when you reached a high intensity, apply your unique stimulus. Repeat about three times with different confident experience if possible.

After that, test the anchor, change back your emotion back to a normal state, not in a very confident state, just normal, and you fire your anchor. You fire your anchor, then you will feel back the confidence inside you. If you can feel it means that, your anchoring is successful. Of course time to time, you can actually do maintenance on these anchorings especially when you just started. This anchor is not still very strong. So whenever you have real actual life experience, when you feel very confident, do the anchoring. I remember when I went to the UPW event, whenever I’m in this very high state, peak state, I will do my anchoring. That is life real experience. When I finish what my firewalk I do my anchoring. That is really very useful.

When To Use The Confidence Anchor

So when to fire the anchor, it depends on what situation you need to be in a confident state. It could be during a presentation, during a job interview, during a decision making, before all these events or the presentation. before you go into interviews, Fire your anchor to get into the confidence that before the event.

Okay. Thank you for listening. And the last two questions I want to ask. What if you are a certified practitioner of NLP just like me. What do you want to improve for your life, both personal and professional life? I hope my sharing does help you. Thank you for listening. Take actions. Talk to you again.

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