Today I’m going to share with you on this strategy on how to get your audience’s attention in both presentations, or sales copy, the online sales copy or offline sales copy. The secret is this called Pattern Interrupt.

Pattern Interrupt

Pattern Interrupt basically is interrupting a pattern of behavior or thought of the audience. Before your presentation, you have to start anticipating what kind of belief that your audience has, and you go to break the belief in order for you to get that attention. I give you an example in this context of a sales presentation for selling an NLP workshop.

First, we will try to anticipate what will be my audience believe is. It could be, they were been thinking of

  • I could share everything about mindset training
  • It could be a motivation training.
  • It is the NLP training, so it must be full of jargon.
  • It must be teaching the NLP methods strategy.
  • Maybe the training also will share some history of NLP,
  • Tell us how NLP benefits us.

Above could be the common audience belief in an NLP workshop presentation. So how do you break their beliefs? We’re going to share something that out of the expectations or who you could have shared something, that a belief they do not have or you’re going to share something that to break their current beliefs The main objective is to make them know that there are so many things that they are don’t know off. And they can actually get it from the training.

Presentation with Pattern Interrupt

If you’re looking for training to teach you how to stay motivated, how to improve your mindset or the cool NLP jargon and a boring NLP history, I might not be the best trainer for you. I can remember all the NLP history and the big jargons and you do not need me to teach you how to stay motivated. You guys are high-performers people. But if you’re looking for a solution on how to get from, where are you now to where you want to go with NLP strategy that you can apply in real-life applications, then I’m happy to show you the way.

So by saying this, either in your live presentation or in your online Sales Copy, it will definitely be going to break their belief and get that attention.

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