How To Be Happy in Life

First of all, I always believe in life it is a cycle of ups and downs. It is perfectly fine when there were times that we feel unhappy due to whatever reasons (downs cycle). But, we have to make sure it is only temporary and we have to get back on our foot and be happy. The good news is since it is a cycle, downs cycle will always follow by ups cycle. Yes! Asesome right!

Life is just too short to suffer

Tony Robbins

10 Simple Strategies to Have a Happier Life

  • Make a Decision – no one can force you, you must make a firm decision to stay Happy. It is your responsibility
  • Current and Ideal Life – As long as your current and ideal life is a match then you will happy.
  • Change State – to change your emotional state at a heartbeat, it is not rocket science. Everyone can do it, you can too.
  • Give Up – 3 things to give up in order to feel happy
  • The Power of Reframing – change the meaning of any incidents/experiences to better ones
  • Happy Chemicals – your 4 new best friends
  • Personal Growth – as I mentioned above, PROGRESS = HAPPINESS
  • Practice Gratitude – it is the food to your soul and it is such a simple strategy that everyone can do
  • Giving Back – Contribution and Kindness
  • Daily Ritual – many successful people practice it, so do I. It is powerful to start your day.

I love personal / self development a lot, partly it make me feel alive and happy. It is a very simple concept that PROGRESS = HAPPINESS. Let me ask you a simple question. Whenever you feel you are better at doing something, how do you feel? This is one of my 10 simple strategies to have a happier life.

It is not always about yourself, it is about others too.

Bryan K

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