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How Do I Get Myself Exercise Easily

Today I would like to share with you my strategy on how to get myself exercise easily. The key is FOCUS and below are the 3 simple steps to follow.

  1. Find a type of exercise that you can enjoy (S1)
  2. Find an activity that you like and can do during exercise (S2)
  3. Change the meaning and focus of the exercise session (S3)

As for me, I will have a 30 minutes bouncing exercise (S1) on the mini trampoline daily. During the exercise, I will listen to my favorite music from my iPod and daydreaming (S2). And I am telling myself the 30 minutes session that I am going to spend my time on is to listening to music and daydreaming (S3). During the session, while I am bouncing on the mini trampoline, my focus is on listening to nice music and daydreaming. My focus point now is I am doing something pleasureable.

With this simple change of meaning and FOCUS, I don’t feel any pain in exercising. The point is, if we focus on the exercise then it makes us harder to continue the exercise as we are focusing either on an activity that we don’t like or the pain.

Have fun exercising.

Bryan K started working at 17 and has worked his way up to a professional career in IT. He has dabbled in various careers including being a waiter, real estate agent, insurance agent and more recently as an IT Professional. He has amassed a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge during his participation in the Pattern of Excellence program, among them are the Swinging Log, Steel Rod and Leap of Faith. He also recently participated in walking on hot coals during the Unleashed the Power Within program by Tony Robbins. His WHY in life is to help people progress in their life so they can have a better and happier life. Bryan is also the admin & moderator of one of the biggest Facebook Introvert Group called Introvert Diaries with more than 150,000 members. He is also a Certified NLP Practitioner by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™. Book authored by Bryan K: Happy Is Easy

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