Happy New Year 2020 to you. Here, we wish you have an awesome journey in both your personal and professional life.

The question is what is the first thing you did when the clock ticked to 12.00 am on 1st Jan 2020?

Bryan K

As for me, the first thing I did after all the Happy New Year’s wishes was Priming. I spent some time alone in my room doing priming. I started to recall back all the people that I can be grateful for in the past 2019. The first person was my late mum that passed away in Jan 2019. My eye started to tear, I am grateful for all her unconditional love to me. Next, I am grateful for all my family members, friends, my current and past co-workers and my introvert friends that follow

After all my gratitude, next was visualizing the 3 main goals that I want to achieve this year. The 3 areas are Spiritual (Emotion Mastery), Energy (Health) and Financial. I always believe our emotional state is the main key that influences our actions (behavior). For example, to overcome procrastination then we need to put ourselves into a motivated emotional state. One of the effective ways to call out the state is through NLP anchoring.

The last question is have you done your priming or gratitude visualisation?

Bryan K

Gratitude is the way for happiness…