I am reading the Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Creating a Mass Movement of People Who Will Pay for Your Advice book by Russell Brunson again, with the first time was an audiobook. This time, I got the kindle version of the revised edition while waiting for the hardcopy version to arrive. By the way, this book is free, and I just have to pay for Shipping & Handling. Fair deal, right?

Every time I re-read a good book again, it gives me new insights. I am going to share what I have gained from this fantastic book in a series of posts, and I do believe this will benefits you too. Besides, I can also refer back to recall when I need it. Do bear in mind, below is based on my own insights that I gained from reading the book. If you like what you read, consider going get this free Expert Secrets book by Russell. You are going to love it.


Phase 1: The Dreamer

Everyone start with a passion. The next question is How to identitfy your passion? Go try and experiment different things and ee which ones spark your interest the most. Then engage deeply with it, and soon you become fascinating aboout it.

Fascination + Mastery = Passion

Tom Bilyeu

Phase 2: Reporter Identity

Start learning everything about the your passion topic from diffrent angle. You can read books, going to LIVE event/seminar/workshop, online courses, lisening to podcast and interviewing other experts. The goal is to learn as much as you can from different experts.

Phase 3: Framework Creator

Step 1: Create your own framework hypothesis

After learning and experiencing other people’s frameworks, knowing what works, and not work for yourself then you can create your own perfect framework that is unique to you. Then teach the framework to your first client, which is yourself. List down a list of topics that you want to teach your younger self. Then from the list of topics, you can come out with the outlines.

“Research your own experience, absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is essentially your own.”

Bruce Lee

Step 2: Test your framework hypotheses on yourself

Our own self will become the guinea pig which makes sense right. We need to make sure it works for us before we teach it to others. Along the way, we can make the process better and add/remove what work and not work.

Step 3: Give your framework a proprietary name

Name the framework that is easy to remember and give a description to it. Below is the example of Russell’s own framework.

Hook, Story, Offer: My Three-Step System For Grabing Your Dream Customer’s Attention and Getting Them to Pay You What You’re Worth!

Phase 4: Working for Free Serving Your Future Dream Clients

After tested on own self, we need to try with others and ensure they have the same or better results, and along the way to perfect it. I like one of the message mentioned in the book as per below.

The goal with this or any kind of business is not to lead with, “How can I sell my product?” Instead, you want to ask, “How can I serve people?”

Brunson, Russell. Expert Secrets (p. 28). Hay House. Kindle Edition.

Phase 5: Becoming An Expert

The results that we get for others will be our certification as an expert. As the metaphor is as long as you are one chapter ahead of the people you’re helping, it is good enough.

Steps To Share Your Voices

In Russell’s book, he shared his steps in publishing his podcast show. By the way, he is an Introvert too : ) Does this WOW you? Can you see Introverts can also be as successful as others. YES!

Step 1: Pubish Daily for at least a year

The key here is CONSISTENT and find 1 platform that you feel comfortable with and publish every single day.

For most of us, Introverts, I personally feel either writing a blog or starting a podcast is what we will feel comfortable with. And this included me, that why I am writing a blog post now. But at the same time, I feel if I need to lead other people, Introverts towards a better and happier life, I need to speak out including showing my face. This is my own personal thoughts. And that why I have decided to publish a video (by the way, haha publishing a video does not mean we need to show our face if we don’t want to.) And I have joined the Infinite Video Impact Challenge, it is a 21 days challenge, if you like the challenge, want to break out of the comfort zone (read as growth), go check out this challenge by Marley Jaxx. The benefits of a piece of video content are that we can repurpose it to many different forms, for example, extract the audio for a podcast, video for youtube, convert it to words for blog posts and etc.

Step 2: Document the journey

What most important key I got from reading Step 2 is to be yourself and documenting your journey towards the result you want, which is also the result your audience want. Rather than oversell yourself to grab attention.

So my first question for you as you start your show is this, What is the big result that you’re obsessed with? What you are trying to learn for yourself anyway that you can document as you’re discovering it in real time?

Brunson, Russell. Expert Secrets (p. 37). Hay House. Kindle Edition.

Step 3: Testing your material

In this step, the story that Rusell shared on the comedian is best to illustrate what does it means in step 3. And what he shared by him makes so much sense. By publishing daily on our journey, we will discover what message work and not work, which piece of contents got more engagement, shared by them, and so on. The end result is we will get clearer on our message and attract more people.

Step 4: Learn to be prolific

This is very interesting stuff on Prolific Index and to aim for Prolific which is the zone between the Crazy and Mainstream, the sweet spot. Mainstream is boring, and the content/info that you can get everywhere. The crazy zone is where things that are too extreme for masses to accept. And prolific is the best, in the middle of both. Russell has shared a story on Dave Asprey that illustrates the Prolific well.

Step 5: Master persuasion

“People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies.” ~ Blair Warren

Brunson, Russell. Expert Secrets (p. 43). Hay House. Kindle Edition.

Step 6: Care… a lot

In this step, it is about showing sincere care about them. It is not just about money. Of course, they’re also a group of people that we will want to serve for free. And at the same time, free does not mean good for them, and it could be a disservice to them. Two reasons are:

  1. First, those who pay, pay attention. And the more they pay, the closer attention they pay.
  2. Second, the more success you have, the less time you will have. So you need to put a barrier to protect your time so you can serve more people.

This is what I personally feel. Do I care about you, Introvert? You are just like me, and I can understand how does it feel like an Introvert living in the society that bends more towards extroverts. I was in a position that so unhappy, seeing myself as weird or not normal. Not until I found this magic word INTROVERT. This is one of my life experiences that contributes to my WHY in life as you can see below.

To help people moving forward so that they can have a better and happier life.

Bryan K

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