Morning Ritual

In this post, I would like to share with you my morning ritual. I first learn about morning ritual after attended Unleash The Power Within event by Tony Robbins. During the event, Tony showed us a ritual that he called Priming. After the event, I was interested in a daily ritual and do more research about it. There are many successful people that have some sort of daily ritual such as Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins, and Stefan James. And I got to know that Stefan got a program called Morning Ritual Mastery . It is a 7-Day morning ritual training program that helps people to create, implement and make the habit of an empowering morning ritual. And I signup for it and from the training, it guided me to perfect my morning ritual.

I Believe That How You Feel & Start Each Morning Is Going To Determine, Or At Least Influence The Rest Of Your Day – Stefan James

Bryan K’s Morning Ritual

  • Smile and tell myself something nice such as “Today will be a great day”.
  • Drink plain water. This is important as part of detox and our body was dehydrated after a long night.
  • 15 minutes Priming (as taught during UPW event by Tony Robbins).
  • Write my Five-Minute Journal on
    • Things that I am grateful for
    • Things that would make today great
    • Daily affirmations
  • Take a bath and brush my teeth.
  • 5 minutes posture exercise by Brian Bradley from Egoscue that I learned during UPW event.
  • 10 times power breathing with 1:4:2 ratio. I will inhale for 5 seconds (1), hold my breath for 20 (4 X 5 seconds) seconds and exhale for 10 seconds (2 X 5 seconds)
  • NET (No Extra Time): Watching inspiring or personal growth YouTube, listening to an audiobook or podcast while on my way to the office. Please if you are driving to work, listening to audiobook or podcast is a better and safer way. Normally I am listening to Tony Robbins’s podcast. It is free, you can just subscribe it in your phone. If you are iPhone user, it come with Podcasts app and for Android user, you can install Google Podcasts app for free. Then search for Tony Robbins. Beside Tony, there are also many good podcasts by people like Tim Ferris, Brendon Burchard and etc.
Priming Exercise by Tony Robbins
Egoscue Exercise by Brian Bradley
Five Minute Journal by Intelligent Change