• How To Feedback Effectively In Any Situation
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    How To Give Feedback Effectively

    How To Give Feedback Effectively In Any Situation Hi everyone. This is Bryan K again for One Transformation Away. Today I want to share with you one of the strategies that I personally use to give feedback effectively in any situations. This could be very useful in both my personal and also professional life because in our daily life we always need to give feedback to our friends, to our colleagues or even our customers. So the strategy that I’m using, it actually makes the other party more easy to accept. Okay, let’s begins. So let me show you the first scenario is a conversation between these two guys. So…

  • Mini Trampoline
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    How Do I Get Myself Exercise Easily

    Today I would like to share with you my strategy on how to get myself exercise easily. The key is FOCUS and below are the 3 simple steps to follow. Find a type of exercise that you can enjoy (S1) Find an activity that you like and can do during exercise (S2) Change the meaning and focus of the exercise session (S3) As for me, I will have a 30 minutes bouncing exercise (S1) on the mini trampoline daily. During the exercise, I will listen to my favorite music from my iPod and daydreaming (S2). And I am telling myself the 30 minutes session that I am going to spend…