• Limiting Beliefs

    Limiting Beliefs: How to Change

    What is a Limiting Belief It all started from an idea (table top) and eventually supported by experiences (leg). Once you accumulated enough experiences (3 legs and above) and then it become a belief. Belief can be empowering or limiting and for today sharing, I am going to cover only the limiting belief. The more leg that table has, the stronger the belief going to be. Thus, it is very important to identifying any limiting belief that you have as soon as you can. How to Change My Limiting Belief One of the way that we can change our limiting belief is to remove every single leg that is supporting…

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  • Morning Ritual to empower you
    Life Thoughts

    Daily Ritual To Start Your Day

    Morning Ritual In this post, I would like to share with you my morning ritual. I first learn about morning ritual after attended Unleash The Power Within event by Tony Robbins. During the event, Tony showed us a ritual that he called Priming. After the event, I was interested in a daily ritual and do more research about it. There are many successful people that have some sort of daily ritual such as Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins, and Stefan James. And I got to know that Stefan got a program called Morning Ritual Mastery . It is a 7-Day morning ritual training program that helps people to create,…

  • Chemicals created by brain that make us feel happy
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    Chemicals of our Happiness

    Brain Chemicals that Make You Happy These are the four neurochemicals that released by our brain that make us feel happy. Endorphins This is the chemical released to help us cope with physical pain. One of the way for brain to release endorphins is thru physical exercise like aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Oxytocin This is released when we become close to another human being or being around with people that we trust. Actions like hugging, shake someone‚Äôs hand ,give high five to someone, pat someone’s shoulder or massage, then oxytocin is released in varying amounts.   Pregnant mothers produced a lot of oxytocin during pregnancy period and during breastfeeding too.…

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  • Life Thoughts

    Success is a Journey

    Stop and Look Back, Reward Yourself Yesterday I was at the polling station to cast my vote for my country 14th General Election. And I have queued for 2 hours and still yet to reach my turn. At the end, after 2.5 hours later and I finally voted. During the queue, I looked back and saw a long queue behind of me. Then suddenly this thought come out in my mind. I have gone a long way to reach here, if I give up before that then I will not reach my outcome which is to cast my vote for the better Malaysia. Polling station is my outcome that give…

  • We Love Failures
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    We Love Failure

    Failure – Love it or Fear it? Today is the election day of my country and I saw the below quote by Michael Jordan at the school where my polling station was based on. It triggered me to think why some people are so scare of failure. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed. I google more on the quote by him and found another interesting ones as per below. I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying. Why love failure? Because you have TAKE ACTIONS to do something, and from the actions then…