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Myths of Introverts

Myths of Introverts Chemicals created by brain that make us feel happy

Myths of Introverts Busted This video by BuzzFeed explained it well on us on Introvert’s Myths We are not shy We are┬ánot sadder than our extrovert friends We never want to hang out We don’t like people We don’t have friends Personally, I myself is also an introvert with very high percentage and I can […]

Our Why

Our Why Our Why

Why To help introverts moving forward so that they can have a better and happier life. How Be kind to people Be supportive Keep it simple Be better than yesterday Be a giver without condition Create values What To provide coaching and to equip introverts with tools and strategies to move forward in their life […]

Hello Introverts

Hello Introverts Empowered Introverts

Empowering Introverts First of all, we would like to say Hello to you, Introvert. I am happy that you have found this website that is going to change your life if you allowed it. Yes, I am Introvert too as defined by the society. Stay put and bookmarked this page, we are in progress of […]